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Our Expertise

Our learning journeys bring about sustainable behavioral change and increase the engagement of your employees.

Sales Excellence

Create a more entrepreneurial and sales efficient organization. Engaging with clients, identifying key drivers, and offering new perspectives: Krauthammer leads the way and develops the skills for delivering measurable results.

Leadership and management

Today's successful leaders and managers understand true engagement.

It’s a fact that inspiring leadership and management drive employee engagement. Our learning journeys create lasting behavioral change leading to a positive infectious attitude.

Our method

The Krauthammer method

Changing behaviors is difficult. Try to remember how much of your last training are you actually applying today? Over the past 50 years Krauthammer's unique learning methodology has proved that long lasting behavior change is possible. All it takes is 4 steps:

  1. Create identification
  2. Positive confrontation
  3. Capture the essence
  4. Experience new knowledge

Discover how Krauthammer can support your own learning journeys.

Meet our people

Krauthammer is a group of extraordinarily talented individuals who share a passion for people.