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First Level Management (French)

Off to a flying start! This programme has been devised for those managing a small team or running a project, and who are new to management.

  • 4 months
  • 4 days
  • French
  • EUR 3695.00 (excl. VAT)

This programme has been devised for those managing a small team or running a project, and who are new to management. For those who have not previously followed a management training, or who are seeking to refresh their skills.

For who?

New line managers, project managers, executive assistants

After completing the training

  • Relay decisions and communicate them, manage resistance
  • Help all to realize objectives
  • Communicate effectively in front of a group
  • Prepare and animate a work session
  • Manage and motivate others daily
  • Coping with difficult and conflictual situations
  • Manage individual and collective problems effectively
  • Create a positive atmosphere


  • The fundamentals of inter-personal communication
  • The difference between personal perception and reality
  • When the manager has to question his or her certainties: learning new attitudes
  • Change: how to manage the emotional reactions of employees
  • Delegating according to individual competencies
  • Fixing concrete and realistic objectives Presenting a theme, project or idea to a group
  • Active listening: the key attitudes to help self-expression and improve mutual understanding
  • From reporting session to annual evolution session: appreciating performance and helping people evolve
  • Praise: a process of consideration and respect as well as one of motivation
  • Verbal communication: perfecting different behaviors and tools
  • Managing contradictions, criticisms, and aggression
  • Stress and self-management: mechanisms to better control spontaneous reactions
  • Work session and brainstorming animation – effective principles Communicating a difficult decision and managing the reactions
  • Recognizing mistakes: how does one behave in this sensitive situation?
  • Presenting a project or recommendation upwards
  • Task planning and monitoring
  • The reprimand session: from preparation to analyse the problem, to respecting commitments
  • Conflict management: from mutual agreement to arbitration, how to 'come out on top'

Learning Tools

  • In a one-to-one meeting, the participant and their manager discuss and define the goals to be reached with this training
  • Only if the participant knows what the manager and the employer is expecting from him, they can work towards the expected results
  • The most important point to profit from the learning journey: apply your learnings!
  • Action plans are defined already in the training room to allow the participant to evaluate his progress against his own standards in daily life
  • During sessions with their peers only, people coach each other on concrete situations
  • Leverage collective intelligence to solve problems
  • Alternatively practice on how to listen, ask questions and give feedback.
  • Lively, interactive training days are the backbone of the learning journey.
  • Positive confrontation and feedback stimulate to change the behavior.
  • Interaction within the group allows to learn from peers in a safe yet challenging environment
  • Smart and easily accessible reminders of key lessons learned.
  • Customisation possible.
  • Online survey which gives participants a clear view on the impact of their own behaviors.
  • Gets stakeholders around the participant involved in the learning journey.
  • Creates favorable conditions to give and receive feedback.

Inspiring locations

Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles
4 avenue de la Porte de la Plaine
75015 Paris

Training days
Oct 4, 2022
Nov 3, 2022
Dec 1, 2022
Jan 19, 2023


EUR 3695 (excl. VAT)