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What We Do

We bring out the best in people and organizations through impactful training programs.

Discover what bringing out the best in you could mean for yourself, your team, and your company:

Who We Do It For


As a leader or sales professional, we know people in your organization look at you for answers daily.

Many of which you are likely actively reflecting on already.

"How well am I managing to engage my teams?"

"In which ways does our company culture encourage our talent to come aboard, and stay?"

"Which opportunities could we explore now to create more sales efficiency in the business?"

Our InCompany programs are created to build a strong, lasting foundation of skills and behaviors that allow organizations to execute a sustainable business strategy.

Discover which results our clients have seen with our InCompany trainings:

Open Trainings

As a manager, a team leader, sales professional or a project owner, how do you drive your team to success?

How do you manage your own mindset for creating the change you want to see in your team members?

Which tools could serve you better in closing more deals and reaching your own goals?

Our Open Trainings bring about sustainable change, starting with mindset and manifesting in behaviors.

Interested in learning how our programs could do that for you or your team?

Explore our Open Trainings here:

The Krauthammer Method

Changing your behavior is difficult.

Take, for example, how much of your last training can you even remember?

And how much are you actually applying today?

Leveraging a rich heritage of more than 50 years in training managers, leaders, and sales professionals, our unique learning methodology has proved that long lasting behavior change is possible.

All it takes is 6 steps:

Discover how Krauthammer can support your own learning journeys:

Learning Journeys

Whether you are looking for changes in the results you see in yourself, your team, or your organization, our learning journeys bring about sustainable and measurable transformations.

Meet Our People

At Krauthammer, we grow by leveraging the people-focused power of our culture.

A culture reflected not only inside our company, but also in our methodology and trainer certification process: the Krauthammer Formation.

Through our unique Formation process, all our embedded and partner consultants are extensively trained in the Krauthammer methodology and tools. At the end of this period, our certified Krauthammer consultants are ready to facilitate the building of a strong, lasting foundation of skills and behaviors for their trained participants. And in turn, to allow their trainees' organizations to execute a sustainable business strategy.

Discover more about what makes each of our consultants uniquely suited to support you in your learning journey: