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Making the “invisible visible”- changing people’s lives through tailored customer service


Amplifon is a global leader in hearing solutions and services for retail expertise, customization, and customer care with more than 12,500 employees in 22 countries across five continents.

The company’s unique selling point is the value it creates for its customers through superior customer care. Yet, Amplifon saw the need to change its customer approach by being less product-driven and becoming more client-oriented. They wanted to further improve its people's clinical and customer-oriented skills to be “next to the client”.


Amplifon and Krauthammer co-designed the NEXT development program as a learning journey for several target groups (Hearing Care Specialists, Client Advisors, Shop Managers, Field Managers and Amplifon trainers).

The program blends technical and hard skills with soft skills and communication skills. It also includes a co-facilitation and a train-the-trainer program.

This makes it possible to have training groups of up to 20 people and to relate the training content to genuine business examples of the Amplifon world. Topics of the co-facilitation program are for instance:

“What does it take to be a facilitator of behavioral change”, “how to stimulate personal development”, “how to use interaction as a tool to facilitate learning”, “dealing with group dynamics” etc.


As a result, Amplifon sees that people are far more aware of their behavior and its influence on customers and other stakeholders. Participants report that “active listening” and “asking the right questions” have been a big win for them.

Understanding when to be quiet and listen to the customer and knowing when to ask the right questions helps them to create a superior customer experience. This also has positive effects on the aftercare period and the handling of complaints.

"We have seen a real change in the mind-set of our people."

Lucy Cochrane, Senior Corporate HR Specialist