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Marleen van Vliet

Trainer Consultant

How others describe Marleen: empathetic, solution-oriented, sharp.

  • Niederlande
  • Englisch, Niederländisch, Chinesisch
  • Gesundheitsdienste; Chemieindustrie & Herstellung; Dienstleistungssektor


Marleen has a background in Supply Chain Management, Sales and training/coaching, and has worked in the manufacturing, healthcare and recruitment industry. She thrives in international settings and is skilled in connecting different cultures, people & teams in all layers. In various roles in project- and account management, she combined analytical thinking with strong interpersonal skills, maintaining both a result and people-oriented focus. She has successfully managed complex projects and accounts, by always going the extra mile for her clients.

As a former athlete in judo & rowing, she knows how to stretch herself and others for sustainable performance and continuous improvement. One of her core drivers is personal growth and she has the natural ability to see and help others reach their full potential. As an intuitive trainer and coach, she instantly connects and gets to the core quickly.

Living and working in Taiwan, China and Singapore cultivated an international mindset and great cross-cultural sensitivity. Marleen also speaks Mandarin.