Julien Bernier

Julien Bernier

Training Consultant

Country of residence: Germany
Languages spoken: English, French, German

About Julien Bernier

A dynamic, analytical thinker, Julien is determined to find potential growth opportunities in every person he meets. During his postgraduate business studies, he obtained in-depth knowledge of organisational identity, group behaviour and the workforce’s role in business success. An inspiring and engaging individual, Julien possesses the skillset to apply his knowledge within organizational change management projects. Equipped with an outstanding quantitative competence, he looks at the broader pictures and identifies problems within larger contexts. Having grown up in a diverse environment, Julien is a culturally sensitive multinational who uses his intuitive insight effectively when working with people from different backgrounds. Combined with his ability to connect easily to people, and possessing strong communication and presentation skills, Julien illustrates his ideas in an inspiring manner that enhances the effectivity of his business facilitations. Recently, he co-designed a Communication Excellence training for a global pharmaceutical company which was rolled out across Europe.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Business facilitation

Fostering communication through structure and behaviours

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays


DISC - TTI Success Insights

Behaviour assessment through simple colour language

Engagement measurement

Engagement measurement

Measure engagement in real-time

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