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Married with your job: Why we need time off

5 reasons why you shouldn't postpone your holidays

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Blog MK Publications Blog 180424 Energize teams

How to energize teams

Supporting your team to rediscover their sparkle

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Blog MK Publications 180228 Mr.andMrs.Perfect

Forget about Mr. or Mrs. Perfect – how can we really develop people?

Some reflections on how to help people achieve their best level

By Thijs Westerkamp

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Blog MK Publications 180226 3 coaching tactics

3 behaviours to increase your coaching impact

Expert tips from Thijs Westerkamp on what coaches should reflect upon

By Thijs Westerkamp

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Blog New Year

How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

5 tips to avoid that you fall back into old patterns

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Blog HNY

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Let’s open new chapters, make beautiful experiences and continue your personal and professional learning in 2018!

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Blog Digital learning

Is it possible to create impact only with digital learning?

We take a deep dive into this topic at our University

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