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Max Brenner

Partner Trainer

Max’s clients describe his training style as spirited, challenging, and impact-driven.

  • Suisse
  • Anglais, Allemand, Français
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As a director of guest services in grand hotels in New York City and in Geneva, Max gained a strong experience in achieving client satisfaction and enhancing organizational effectiveness in some of the most exciting and demanding environments. Tutoring employees and leading by example was a must to retain talent and generate repeat business.

When the opportunity presented itself, it was a natural choice for Max to become a training consultant. Since then, he has developed customized in-company leadership programs for a wide array of business clients and professional groups.

Max also cherishes is work as a mentor of technology start-ups, showing the ropes of business negotiation and strategic sales to a diverse population of graduate engineers.

Max is also a licensed flight instructor, and as a sideline enjoys teaching airmanship and the art of flying to young and young-at-heart pilots.