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First-time leaders - Lead with impact

In this blended training program, professionals like you – who are transitioning into first-time leadership roles or have already started a leadership role and want to upskill – will embark on a transformative journey. From cultivating self-awareness to mastering the art of influential communication, it will equip you with the essential skills needed to lead effectively. You'll gain insights into managing teams, fostering collaboration and navigating the complexities of leadership. It’s designed for professionals with experience and provides guidance and the resources needed to excel in your leadership role.

  • 6 months
  • 6 half-days online
  • Dutch, English, French

This comprehensive program is for individuals like you – people who are transitioning into leadership positions or have started a leadership role and want to upskill. It will equip you with the essential skills and mindset needed to excel.

In today's dynamic workplace, the ability to lead change is crucial. Our program provides the strategies and tactics you need to lead change initiatives effectively and ensure smooth transitions and positive outcomes for your team and organization.

Discover the power of coaching as a leadership tool. You'll learn how to nurture talent, provide constructive feedback and empower team members to reach their full potential. Through targeted sessions and interactive workshops, you'll gain the tools to inspire and guide your team towards shared success.

The Lepaya app will ensure a seamless learning experience. Pre-training materials will prepare you to engage with case studies and classroom sessions provide hands-on practice. You'll receive ongoing support through mini-challenges, buddy interactions and helpful cheat sheets post-training. By the end of this learning journey, you'll have everything needed to navigate your role as a leader effectively and propel your career to new heights. Get ready to lead with confidence and inspire your team to succeed!

For who?

First-time leaders

After completing the training, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your current mindset and see how it compares with that of an empowering leader.

  • Explain the benefits of adopting a leader mindset.

  • Acknowledge the factors impacting the adoption of a leader mindset.

  • Align your thoughts and behaviors with a leader mindset.

  • Recognize the drivers of psychological safety and the interventions needed to nurture them.

  • Create an authentic feeling of safety within your team.

  • Drive engagement for shared goals among team members.

  • Create awareness of the big picture within your team.

  • Practice setting goals effectively.

  • Identify team members' skill levels and learning motivation to determine your empowerment approach.

  • Adapt your behaviors to entrust your team members with responsibilities and provide the support they need to take charge of their actions and decisions.

  • Practice facilitating conversations to empower your team members and generate insights that lead to action.

  • Understand what coaching is and how it drives personal growth.

  • Give depth to conversations by using open-ended questions.

  • Effectively apply the GROW model.


  • Learn how to reframe mindsets in certain situations to promote thinking patterns and behaviors that are in line with a leader mindset.

  • Create the feeling of safety and a foundation based on trust that are essential for all aspects of empowering leadership
  • Gain experience in setting the right goals with team members to lead to stronger performance while connecting them to their motivations, drivers and the big picture.
  • Empower people while recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all method and learning to adapt your approach to individual needs.

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the model to use in diverse situations.

  • Apply the 3 fundamental leadership areas to your specific case.

  • Practice taking a coaching approach to conversations.

  • Learn the skill of helping your team members find solutions and answers to their challenges instead of solving the problem for them.

Choose training session


Program Season: Spring 2024

Location : Amsterdam - Lepaya HQ

Training Days

  • 15-05-2024
  • 13-06-2024
  • 11-07-2024
  • 08-08-2024
  • 05-09-2024
  • 03-10-2024

Language: English

Format: In-person

Price: € 2,699.- (excl. VAT)



Program Season: Fall 2024

Location : MS Teams

Training Days

  • 08-10-2024
  • 06-11-2024
  • 04-12-2024
  • 02-01-2025
  • 13-02-2025
  • 05-03-2025

Language: English

Format: Virtual

Price: € 2,699.- (excl. VAT)



Program Season: Fall 2024

Location : Amsterdam - Lepaya HQ

Training Days

  • 05-11-2024
  • 05-12-2024
  • 09-01-2025
  • 30-01-2025
  • 27-02-2025
  • 20-03-2025

Language: English

Format: In-person

Price: € 2,699.- (excl. VAT)