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Starters - Kick-start your career

In this blended training program, beginners focus on developing a solid set of foundational skills to kick-start their careers. Get to know your own strengths, how to overcome challenges, and learn how to communicate effectively to gain a head start in the initial years of your career.

  • 4 months
  • 4 half-days online
  • Dutch, English, French

Designed for ambitious starters, this blended learning program centers on the skills that allow you to continuously develop. You’ll learn how to be an effective communicator and how to take initiative while establishing a growth mindset and strong communication skills, allowing you to kick-start your career.

The Lepaya app provides support throughout your learning journey. Before each training session, we will highlight inspiring theory and ask you to prepare a case, which you will practice with during the classroom session. In the weeks between training days, you will apply your new skills on the job. We will provide you with additional mini-challenges, buddy interactions and cheat sheets to guide you.

After taking this learning journey, you will have the tools and mindset needed to be successful in the first years of your career!

For who?


After completing the training, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize and influence your mindset, both fixed and growth.

  • Use challenges and feedback as instruments for growth.

  • Use goal setting to direct your learning.

  • Understand the importance of ongoing feedback and be able to distinguish between observations and interpretations when giving it.

  • Recognize and overcome feedback blockers.

  • Explain what initiative is and the benefits and challenges you associate with it.

  • Understand that all initiatives move through phases: imagining, planning, executing and reflecting.

  • Make use of the spiral of creation to successfully move your initiative from idea to reality.

  • Apply tools and techniques to overcome challenges in specific phases of the spiral of creation.

  • Have a better understanding of the different levels of communication within a conversation or meeting, and know how to switch between levels.

  • Know how to take the lead and move forward when you're stuck.


  • Gain insights into how you can use your growth mindset to get results and change behaviors.

  • Note: We are using the growth mindset as a concept to show that we can influence our minds, and therefore, our results.

  • Understand that asking for feedback is part of taking ownership of your personal growth and contributes to a culture of performance improvement.
  • Working from your own initiative, gain firsthand experience of the first 2 quadrants of the spiral of creation. After completing this session, you will be able to take initiative in your organization.
  • Learn the theory behind the switchbox model.

  • Recognize what level someone is at.

  • Understand intervention recognition and its corresponding level in the switchbox model.

  • Make the transition from theory to practice through roleplay.

Learning Tools

  • The Lepaya platform (accessible on mobile and desktop) is your personal online library, where you can find the following:

  • Skill scan: The Skill Scan is a great tool to reflect on your goals before you start your Learning Journey as it gives you insights into your core strengths and development opportunities. You’ll rate yourself on 2-3 behavioral questions per training topic, and you can also invite supporters (for example your manager or peers) to give you feedback! A great conversation starter!

  • Pre-bites: Our so-called ‘bites’ are there to help you prepare for the session. You can find different types of bites (ranging from short articles, to quizzes and videos) to learn more about the ‘why’, learn all about the most important frameworks and tools, and lastly - most importantly - to reflect on your personal situation and prepare a case for the classroom session. You can complete these at your own pace, at a time most convenient for you!

  • Our classroom sessions are interactive, high-paced, and full of opportunities to practice with your own case and receive personal feedback. Where you practiced with a generic case in the pre-bites, you’ll be focusing on practicing your personal case in the classroom.
  • During boxing rounds you stand in a half circle around the trainer. The trainer will set the scene, explain the goal, and ask for one volunteer to step forward into the boxing area and play out a scenario. Whenever the learner would like for someone else to take over and give it a try, they can step out of the boxing ring - or you can sign you’d like to pitch in. A great team exercise to start practicing this new skill and learn from each other!
  • During a 1:1 roleplay with a training actor, you can practice your own case in a real-life setting. After setting the scene, you’ll have two practice rounds together. You’ll receive personal feedback from the trainer as well as peers after each practice round. You’ll be surprised to experience how ‘real’ this feels! A great opportunity to try out a few options, iterate and learn!
  • Buddy groups of 2-3 learners are allocated at the start of the program

  • Interactions between the buddies happen throughout the program - inside and outside of the classroom session

  • In the Lepaya app, you can find the so-called buddy bite which includes reflective questions/little exercises to discuss together after your classroom session. You check in on how it’s going to apply your skills, see how you can possibly help each other, and get ready for the next session!

At the end of the classroom session, the trainer will ask you to commit to applying your skills. There are two different formats for this:

Moment of Truth:

  • A moment in the future during which you want to apply your newly learned skills and use the takeaways from today’s session

Action Plan:

  • You set a goal and break it down into small and achievable steps

  • Next, we’ll personalize your nudge and post-bite flow for you, which reminds you of your goal, helps you prepare for it and reflect on how it went, applying your skills!

  • The AI Coach is one of our newest features! It is based on artificial intelligence and will be used for several presentations and communication skills! This is how it works:

  • You will upload a video where you are applying the skills (for example presenting): you can either upload an existing video (90 sec) from your gallery or record a video at that time.

  • Next the analysis takes place. This can take up to 15 minutes. You’ll be updated on the progress but can close the app in the meantime.

  • You’ll be notified once ready and receive an overview of your results! In this example, for presentation skills, 8 KPIs are focused on. 5 are on body language (gestures, movement, eye contact, posture, facial expressions), 3 are on dictation & speech (filler words, speed, pauses).

After completing the program, we’ll ask you (and your supporters) to fill in the Skill Scan again to give you an insight in your development and celebrate your growth journey!

In your post-bites you can find mini-challenges to help you practice your newly learned skills on the job, deep-dive articles on the topic as well as cheat sheets, tips and tricks from the trainer and more! This remains available for you after completing your program!

A moment in the future during which you want to apply your newly learned skills and use the takeaways from today’s session

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Program Season: Fall 2024

Location : MS Teams

Training Days

  • 09-10-2024
  • 29-10-2024
  • 19-11-2024
  • 11-12-2024

Language: English

Format: Virtual

Price: € 1,499.- (excl. VAT)